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By 1972 the Soviets had clearly reached the level of the best of their era. Mid-1960s? One can assume they were at least 80% there. Late 1950s? Half there? 1940s and 1930s European hockey? *shrug* Seems like a AAA-level starter, MLD depth pick, not the sort of guy you put heavy faith in on a top line unless one pines for letting it ride in Vegas.

Agreed. I think that all three are best used as top line talent in the MLD. Bobrov, as a LW (instead of center like the Czechs) is probably talented enough to be useful in the ATD in theory. But he's the type of player who needs to have his line built around him, and he's probably not good for that on the ATD level.
Maybe you're right. If they are worthy of being extra skater depth picks in the ATD then going early in the MLD may be apt. Hobey Baker and Moose Goheen used to be early picks and top starters in the MLD and now they are seen as and drafted as legitimate extra skaters in the main ATD, drafted as depth options worth taking a flyer on despite not competing against the best of their era. But let's not draft the best Italian or Swiss league player quite yet, k?

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