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06-15-2010, 08:10 PM
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That is historically insignificant. PLENTY of players have done that and many undrafted have done better.
Plenty have done worse as well. Not trying to herlad his playoff resume as particularly good or anything, just not bad.

So everything rides on that accomplishment. He should be remembered fifty years from now because he was a decent playmaker of his era, okay I get that reasoning, it makes him a AAA-level starter. But do you honestly think there are no undrafted players "with that kind of resume" of having four top-10 assist seasons?

I guess we draft guys from way back based largely on a similar stat, so it's fair enough. And in this 16-team draft, it's hard to imagine he wouldn't stand up as at least average on a scoring line as a passer.
"Decent" playmakers, in my book, don't come top-3 in assists three times in a fairy short time span.

Do I think there are undrafted players with 3 top 3's or 5's, 4 top 6's in assists? I rather doubt that. Four top-10 assist seasons, maybe, though likely only a few, and not as impressive as Savard'ds resume.

I think he is going to prove to be more than average as a passer, when all is said in done. Perhaps folks don't think much of him yet because he is such an under-the radar guy in the NHL today, but I will do a direct first line C comparison when the draft has progessed enough to get the guy the respect he deserves, if I must.

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