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06-15-2010, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
I do not post it because I cannot name the source (identity, position or function) from which I receive the information hence there is no way for others to judge the credibility of the information.

I do not tend to give credence to "gossip" such as that conveyed by HW because we do not know who the source(s) may be. Without that knowledge it is impossible to decide how credible that information may be. I treat it as I would treat other hearsay - unless there is an originating source it simply lacks credibility. YMMV.

I have no "beef" - I simply accord the information passed on as gossip as just that and do not attribute credibility.
So you're saying that nobody should ever pass on information that they've received unless they reveal a source?

That's nuts. Keeping sources confidential is a long time practice in journalism. But it's up to the journalist to be truthful about the information; if not, it will not be long until they are found out.

Such is the case with HW. She has built up her credibility, her information has checked out repeatedly. She almost certainly has connections.

If you didn't pull out information at the most convenient times (ie, when you're losing an argument), people mind find your information credible as well. Doesn't help that you're so often proven wrong in your arguments, either! But regardless, if you have some information, you should post it without the source. Time will tell whether it is accurate.

And I'm not talking about stupid rumors, like "OMG Mitchell secretly skating, back in 10 days". That just obviously wasn't true.

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