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06-16-2010, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
I know I had Johansen listed twice. That was my plan. It just turned out to confuse people though, sorry.

Granlund and Skinner aren't that close in the current TSN rankings. for example, Skinner wasn't listed on any scouts top-10. Doesn't mean he won't be near the top-10 at the draft, it just means he was not top-10 material yet. Meanwhile Granlund was an HM for the top-10. And don't get started on the logic junk. 1 + 2 =/= 4.

Two months ago Skinner's tear was mostly complete. Will he move up in the pre-draft rankings? Maybe, but it won't be because he's suddenly more skilled. That's key. I want the better player, period. At #9 I don't think it will be either of them, but I'll put my money on Granlund if I had to.
Well, that was your support for your argument that Granlund>Skinner due to Granlund "proving more" by playing in the Finnish Men's League. As I pointed out, that deductive reasoning would mean that Granlund>everyone not playing in that same league.

TSN is one ranking. That is fine if you feel that there is a huge gap between Granlund and Skinner. But, that is not what the majority of the scouting world feels, based on many rankings.

Again, no problem that you like Granlund more than Skinner. I would be pleased with either. But the general census is that they could both be worthy of our pick at #9, with ranges I've seen from top 10-20.

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