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06-16-2010, 09:19 AM
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The Generational chasm

June 15th 2010

it's a date that splits the fanbase into generations. Generation 1 for Nashville Predators fans will always be known as the "Expansion generation" The fan base of hockey nomads and young and inexperienced fans gathering together to create a hockey culture for Nashville.

That generation of Detroit Auto Worker ex-pats and Fort Campbell cold warriors who were bred on European hockey are now responsible to the next generation who potentially have a single icon to grasp to; Blake Geoffrion. Just as the greatest generation raised the Baby boomers, the expansion generation now has the responsibility to raise the Geoffrion Generation.

Every beginning has baby steps. A small step here, a small step there, for Nashville, the seeds of hockey were planted well before the creation of the Nashville hockey club. With the minor league Nashville South Stars, the Knights, the Geoffrion family moving to Middle Tennessee area, the building of auto plants in Spring Hill and Smyrna, hockey was given a foundation laid in sound mix of history, knowledge, and wanderers trying to find a piece of home in Dixie.

With the private schools of the TSSAA in the middle star of the state hockey the growth of hockey has the foundations needed to grow in all avenues; high school and junior hockey with the GNASH league, college with UAH and the strengthening NCAA (Strengthening as in quality not quantity), and now professionally with Blake Geoffrion.

There are threats to the movement much like there are critics and threats to everything in life but luckily the enemies of southern hockey have been incompetent. Jim Balisillie would of had his hockey team in Hamilton if it were not for Rodier and his stairclimber. The Tennessean and the Nashville media do their best to ignore what is right outside their door but they know they are hurting and thrashing out like a spoiled baby at anything. The sports counsel does their best the demonize the team for political points but they are politicians which means they are demons themselves.

Now we reach another baby step in climbing the mountain and growing the game. The season is far away so we can afford to wax poetically about the future. Now it is up to the ownership to take the next step. Now is a time for the ownership group to push the Predators' success past the second round and firmly secure the foundations of the sport and club. They now have their local idol who will be weight down with the responsibilities and expectations of a name and regional cult of heroism that has a habit of breeding icons like Tim Tebow. Now is a time to take gentle risks to grow; those who do not venture, do not win.

This is such an odd year for the team. We don't know what the team will do in FA, we have a local player signing with the Preds, the prospect pool in Milwaukee and leagues far and wide is full and expectations will be low in such trivial things as season prospectus magazines sold for 8 Loonies in Chapters Book Stores and Esso gas Stations in Canada.

But we are Nashville, we never really gave a damn about expectations anyway.

When flooded, the world expected Nashville to drown and thrash and loot and scream and whine for help, but it swam. helped it's neighbors, respected each other and pulled itself from the tidal waters. Sherman, Grant, and the Union Army couldn't kill you. Tornados have swirled down your avenues and The rising Cumberland couldn't kill you. How the hell could a bunch of ignorant haters kill you?

Many have tried, and many have failed. You can't kill Nashville.

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