Thread: Injury Report: 09-10 Canucks Injury Status
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06-16-2010, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
Except that Burrows agent also is quoted as saying he could miss part of the season.

Who to go with?

Hockey Widow may not be a professional journalist but in many ways she's functioning as one with her updates. Would it be better if she posted under her real name and in a more reputable medium? Definitely.

Anyways, I don't think anyone cares whether you give her credit or not. Your reputation has taken some hits. As for your insider information: put up or shut up. Anyone can claim to have insider information on the Internet. Hockey Widow has shown time and time again that her updates are not merely some ego exercise, but has provided useful information consistently.
The point I am making is that she is reporting hearsay (or gossip) - what someone else told her who was told by someone else - there is no way to evaluate that source. Hence I have problems with credibility.

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