Thread: Rumor: Flyers Unhappy with JVR?
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06-16-2010, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Oh, I completely agree, but I'm not okay with a pity party.

Hearing about how if we had given up a large part of our future at the trade deadline for a goalie when we didn't even know if we could put ourselves back into the postseason with all of our injuries is just ****ing annoying at a point. Right now everyone is citing the same ******** to rip off Carter or JVR or even Giroux. Seriously, we know it would've been nice to have a Stanley Cup right now, but at the time, holding pat was the correct decision.
What are you talking about? We were in quite comfortable position at the trade deadline.

The deadline was March 3rd, and on that date we were 8 games over .500, and had been consistently rising in the standings since the beginning of January. In fact, we'd gone 14-7-1 and looked like we had an outside shot at getting to the 4 seed. (Unfortunately, I don't know where we can find standings by date.) Indeed, the team at that point, outside of the 17 games of suck, had been playing at WELL OVER 100 point pace in all their other games.

Thus, why I was so furious at the deadline and prior to the deadline explicitly argued that Holmgren needed to approach the deadline as if we were a contender (because we were) and understand that we needed a goalie if we were going to cash in on that fact. He didn't. He stood pat, and our goalie *ed us in the end.

So, no, holding pat was not the correct decision.

Leighton got hurt March 16, and Carter got hurt March 21 (obviously both after the deadline). We went 4-7-1 the rest of the way, and that's the only reason the playoffs were in question at all.

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