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06-16-2010, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
"Disaster"? Jesus Christ. I'd like to see Leblanc go to the Q like everyone else but if he stays another year at Harvard it's not the end of the world...he was drafted a year ago people, still plenty of time for him to work out his career path.

Leblanc's commitment to Harvard was well-documented before the draft, and Leblanc was still a highly rated scouting services, by other teams, etc. It's not like we picked the one guy everyone else on the planet was avoiding (David Fischer?).

In any event, Leblanc could announce tomorrow he's going to the Q and all this "disaster" talk will be moot anyway...
To me, no news means, going back to Harvard news. As far as having a whole lot of time to develop, well surely, he will and it's not a DISASTER. Yet, I would like for his development to see him be able to go the Worlds Juniors. If he goes back to Harvard, yet again, he'll probably have some exams to pass during or around the week of training and he'll be behind everybody else as far as physical condition and game shape. So it's not THAT clear that he's a shoe-in based on the fact that he's amongst the oldest out there this year. Now, not being able to go, is also not the end of the world. But would be nice. We saw a lot of players taking another step in their development because of that tournament. This is truly where Simon Gagné really started his career even if he was succesful in Québec. This is where he began to really have more confidence in his abilities. There are other examples as well.

Then, with this freakin UFA period being at 27 now.....I don't see the point in having a guy reach the NHL at 22-23 so 4 or 5 years of development and then see us lose him in 4 or 5 after. I believe that in this cap era, the sooner you have a productive young kid, the best you can profit from having him play better than what his salary will indicate. Yes, chances are if he's that succesful, he'll catch up the salary he lost at first but more time you have, more your development with him is worth it.

The only concern is that amongst the 1st rounders in the past year, it does "seem" that Leblanc is taking the worst route possible. Nobody would say anything about the CHL. Nobody would say anything about playing in the NCAA in a top program. Again, nothing disastrous.....but not ideal as far as becoming a hockey player. I'll have no problem naming him Habs president or cap specialist to replace Julien Brisebois when the time comes after his career....but hockey player? There's just no history to suggest that top players come from those types of programs. Can he be amongst the first? Probably. I believe in him a lot contrary to a lot of people on this board. But I also believed that in a stronger competition, we might have seen Leblanc a little sooner. And not sooner "too soon". Sooner "ready".

It's not all black. Hitting the gym is great in that regard but that's....if he does have the time. I guess he does, but you have to wonder that with all the practices they have, if the kid is able to be that succesful, as intelligent as he is, he'll have to open the books once in a while.

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