Thread: Injury Report: 09-10 Canucks Injury Status
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06-16-2010, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuck Off View Post
Wetcoaster. Ernie is right. If you have inside information please post it. You don't have to cite your source by any means. Post it and then see if you're right, as HW does consistently. In the court of law the term "beyond a reasonable doubt" applies.

HW has proved time and time again (beyond a rasonable doubt) that she has a very close connection within the organization, or at least close to the players like Ernie said. If you were her defence lawyer, I'm sure you'd be able to prove she has a very credible source. For you it seems like you pick a side, and stick with that side no matter what, right or wrong. I enjoy reading your posts as they are very well thought out but sometimes it appears you cannot seperate the lawyer in you from the hockey fan in you.

HW is by far the best inside source for the curious fans of the Vancouver Canucks. That, or she's just psychic, which would be cool too. I wish she posted here.
No Ernie is not correct. It is my decision not his and not yours how I choose to convey information.

In the past I tried a couple of times and all that resulted was unrelenting attacks because I was unable to provide the sources.

In a criminal court beyond a reasonable doubt applies but it is not the civil standard of proof.

I choose to not credit gossip from such sources. You may choose to do so and that is your choice.

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