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06-16-2010, 08:21 PM
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Name: Anonymous.
Age: NA
Location: St. Paul, MN, Mac-Groveland
Fav All time Minnesota player: Gaborik--most electrifying player we've had.
Fav Current Wild: Clutterbuck. Would say Nolan but...
Fav Non Wild Players: Kesler, Toews, Doan. Newer players that might very well become faves in Giroux and Stamkos.
Fav Wild Prospect: Gillies. I'm thinking he'll have no problems fitting in on his next trip up to the NHL.
Fav Non Wild Prospects: Zack Kassian--whom the wild should have picked instead of trading down to snag Leddy. Exactly what our team needs.
Fav Movies: Army of Darkness, Blade Runner, Fifth Element (multipass!), Dark City, Blackhawk Down, Holy Grail. All I've seen countless times and still will stop and watch while flipping through channels.
Music: All over the place...Screeching Weasel, KMFDM, any James Russell Mercer project, Leonard Cohen, Dean and Britta, Black Flag, Fugazi, Massive Attack, Gorillaz, Pavement, Sigur Ros, Pixies, any Jenny Lewis project, Grateful Dead, Nick Cave, Modest Mouse, Nirvana
Hobbies: video games, reading (alternate between escapist sci-fi schlock--love me some Warhammer 40k-- and contemporary fiction--currently Let the Right One In)
Fav food: Curry--Thai or Indian. That and good ice cream. by good i mean "real" not that ***** "frozen dairy desert" Edys is peddling now. I figure 13g of fat per serving will do nicely.
Fav Beer: Delerium Tremens
Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: Most viscerally intense moment was Boogaard skating onto the ice after the Wild/Ducks scrum. I have that chant on my Ipod. The crowd was insane with bloodlust.
How long I have been a Wild fan: a casual fan since the team inception. Rabid, DVRing every game fan when i got my companies season tickets by default in '07 (the GM wasn't from here, didn't like hockey and didn't think anyone else did--just used them for the occasional client but 90% of the time unused).
Origin of screen name: has to do with a sound i used to make.
Jerseys owned: green Skoula. no joke. signed. I felt like a one-man campaign for the poor guy..."Skoula--he's not that bad." it was pretty much a pity buy as I'm not a jersey kind of guy.
Married?: yes, very happily. I'm still a bit baffled.
Kids: animals. a Border Collie/lab X, a Yorkie-Poo, and three cats. And some fish.

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