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06-17-2010, 09:14 PM
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Gauthier has the mahones

great move Pierre ... finally a visionary move ....long term .... not the bandaid short term we are famous for

Folks get real here ...this is a great deal for many reasons

Halak had the playoffs of his life...he isnt Roy and we overachieved so much that expecting this again next year ...outshot...outplayed...and playing rope a dope
as a stepping stone is RIDICULOUS.

we can`t pay him 4-5 mil in arbitration and we still have a solid goalie who had no support this year at all .

Secondly goalies are worth S H I T in return in trades ...Roy the best off all time got us what ? Bryzgalov was picked up on waivers and playeed well this year

Thirdly we need size and a skilled center ready to play was a must ... this dude is 21
and ready for top 6 duty ......BYE BYE PLEKS ....YOUR PLAYOFF FAILURE SHOWED AGAIN

We are not getting Marleau this year .... I wanted a legit kid who can play and we got him

Shultz is a tough dude with jam ....we have no one in our system

are you going to get this package for Leino who went nuts in the playoffs at 26 with hardly any NHL experience ? NO

Is Byfuglien going to fetch you this knowing the Hawks are in dump mode ?

with his hands tied Pierre did very well we have Leblanc and this dude for tej future

lastly our cap is shot and we now have some depth to unload Pleks and hopefully not miss much ...folks we cant have 25-30 mil with 5-7 players unless you are the Hawks and winning a title and justify it later .

all in all great job Gauthier moved the right guy for the right price.

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