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06-18-2010, 03:33 AM
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one time i cleared a puck up the boards and it hit the ref and went right to the opposing guy who one-timed it into our net. the ref gave me 10 min for telling him to move his #$%@ass. next clearing was a little higher and hit his shoulder.

one game we had a guy on the other team who kept his stick real high, and talked ****. so with a couple of seconds left i was in my own zone with the puck and he was coming, so i drilled him right in the gut. then he tried fighting me and i trashed him.believe me he deserved it as he had taken out one of my teamates with a nice ankle slash.

i also threw a helmet at a ref. i was wearing the mandatory shield and an opposing player broke it with a high stick. the ref was right there and called nothing. when our team argued for a call...he told me that because i played JR. A i should be able to play through stuff like that. so i threw the helmet at him to show him the broken shield and told him he was an idiot.

and lastly i chased a linesman around the rink....i squared off with a guy and just about to fight, i was tackled from behind by a linesman. the other linesman was still up ice, so my opponent gave me a nice kick in the face while i was on the ice under this idiot linesman. when i goit up i had to be restrained.would 've loved to got that guy back.

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