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03-21-2005, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by mymkovski
I am curious to know what kind of a premium some of you would pay to have either a) your name printed on your stick or b) your team's logo printed on your stick.

The sticks would have to be purchased in bulk probably in bundles of 10 sticks. How much per stick would you be willing to pay.

If it was possible would you have your team's logo printed on your helmet? Stitched on your gloves/pants? What would you pay?
I wouldn't personalize any equipment unless I was at the very least a Major Junior or college player. Any player at any lesser level of hockey who has their stuff personalized is too cocky to be playing the game, whether they know it or not.

The only thing I ever did was take a sharpie and write my number on the white taped knob on my sticks.

A team logo on the helmet is ok, but the logos aren't printed on the helmets, they're simply stickers.

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