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Originally Posted by The Mouth View Post
Interview went great and thanks for the help with the questions and dont worry about it Ola but thanks for the explanation I like to know these things anyways.


Ulf admits by the time he got to New York his body was pretty much done.

said the he and anders were only going as a package so they could watch each others backs and help adjust to both WHA and NHL.

For some reason wasn't high on Swedish NHL Hof'er Borje Salming.

Russians in International play had clean urine samples hidden in their hockey pants during after game drug testing.

As a poster said previous says Potvin Hit was clean , his skate got caught in a rut in the crappy garden ice.

9 knee operations , 3 crushed vertebrae, Hip replaced.

His kids all born in North America and live on east coast of U.S

Says players today don't play for the shield on their uniform that whats missing is team pride and honor.

Very candid and a lot more outgoing now , then he was back in the day.
Ulf is very candid. I recall him doing a motivational speech for the bank in New York and as most people should know Sweden is a socialist country and he found issues with that in his speech and why the Bank, generally, was not as efficient as it should be and he made a comparison about team sports and working as a team in business. He concluded with and I am paraphrasing "in Sweden team work means getting someone else to do the work and you taking credit for it". Well all the Swedes were up in arms and all the Americans were shaking their heads thinking "yeah, I can see that".

I laughed my rearend off! He was dead on.

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