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09-30-2003, 07:58 PM
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I'm a huge fan of tough hockey. I love agitators, fights, and all that fun stuff. But goons are useless. Who cares about winning fights. Just have people capable of fighting and I'm fine. Dwyer won't win his fights but he'll lay a beating on the opponent. Sure, he'll take a larger portion of the beating, but who are you gonna learn more of a lesson from: a guy who you'll beat, but will also give you a few cuts, bumps and bruises, or a guy who holds onto you and you'll each combine for around four or five punches thrown?

Most 'goons' are defensive fighters that don't inflict any pain on the opponent. I would say Dwyer is actually one of the BEST enforcers in the league because he actually does his job. He'll go out there and inflict some pain (and take a heck of a lot more) on anyone that takes exceptions with Hab players.

Get a few more players that can fight (and play hockey), and Montreal would be on its way to being a tough hockey team. As it stands, Souray, Quintal, Dwyer are all very capable fighters, but are all more middle-heavy weights.

Take a look at a team like St.Louis. They are my favourite team in the league (in terms of how it's built). Very tough hockey team, probably one of the toughest in the league. Yet they have no clear cut heavyweights. Reed Low is smallish for a heavyweight, and is never dressed in key games or in the playoffs.

They have Dallas Drake (agitator), Danton (agitator who can fight middle weights), Tkachuk (prefers stickwork but is still a tough guy), Jackman (good middle weight), Mellanby (very fiery character; captain material -- warrior. Precisely what the Habs lack), Mayers (agitator), etc. Most of their team is built around players that are fiery, will stick up for one another, play the body a lot, but don't fight a heck of a lot. THey can intimidate as well as anyone, and get involved in major brawls (see: game against Stars; game against Wings last season), but they don't have heavyweights to compete with the Brashears, Laraques, Worrells, etc. of the league.

Does this affect them? No. It's team toughness that Montreal lacks, not individual goons. We need a collective team toughness effort here. No goon in the league will make this team tough.

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