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Aint life Grand's Super Crunchy Draft Board/Scenarios

Pick 8:

RyJO- Size, skill, speed. High upside, probably is progressing his game faster than anyone in the draft; has potential to eclipse Hall, Seguin in sheer potential offensive prowess and production if he continues on his meteoric ascent to hockey stardom. Also fills organizational need, as we have lacked an elite 2-way playmaker throughout this teams history.

El Nino- My favorite, your favorite, the American people's favorite; Nino Neidereiter. This swiss dude with NHL ready size, high end skill, could be available at 8 if Carolina or Tampa Bay do something outrageous like draft Mark Pysk at 6 or 7- which Tampa Bay could certainly do. Could become a Hossian like player, maybe heal some wounds? Atlanta would have a bodacious future left wing with Gucci Kane, Neidereiter, Klingberg, and Petterson.

Jeff Skinner- Yes he's probably slightly effeminate for figure skating so avidly in the past, but he can score mad goals. 5'10 180ish pounds , got decent weight to go with a slightly below average frame. Would be cool to watch Morin and Skinner tear it up in a few years ala Kitchener Rangers 2009-2010. Like Morin, needs to work on skating, but goal scoring prowess and shot are NHL ready. Not a bad choice at all.

Jack Campbell- Who doesn't love a future American NHL goalie? Could Jack Campbell project to be Mike Richter V2.0?? If his penchant for acrobatic saves and ability to keep cool in high pressure situations then he's got a good shot. Would be nice to see us select him if we can deal pavalec and the 24th to a team for a 1st line player.

Michael Granlund- Kyle Woodlief has a hard on for this young Finnish man, ranking him at 3 in the latest redline report. Had a phenomenal year in the Finnish Elite League, but needs to work on skating. Undersized too, probably would be least stoked about drafting him.

Tarasenko: Can we wait 2 years? Reminds me too much of Frolov, Would rather have him than Granlund.

Burmistrov- My favorite Russian of the draft not named Kabanov, I would be pleased to see him get selected if we move down a few spots. Reminds one of Datsyuk, relatively minor Russian Factor.


1. Kiril Kabanov- If he is left at 24 we would be Bat**** Cynthia Mckinney Crazy to not draft him. Once he reigns in his dad and immaturity, which he did a good job of displaying at the combine, he will be the complete package. Like restoring a fine automobile, The Thrashers could have a masterpiece on their hands if they dedicate some time, resources, and patience to this guy's career. Assuming we take Nino or Ry Jo at 8, we could be rolling with some serious offensive fire power. And assuming his burgeoning years with the Thrashers go well, he could reward us with some loyalty another Russian decided to forgoe, for giving him a shot despite his up and down past season.

2. Jaden Schwartz- Leading goalscorer of the USHL, we could decided to risk drafting another NCAA bust, but Schwartz could definitely become a productive top 6 guy.

3. Jon Merrill, Big D-man could complement our strong group of D prospects, him and Valabik on a bottom 6 pairing would be intense. There are concerns he has already peaked progression wise.

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