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06-18-2010, 04:53 PM
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Just take it as it is. A loss, and a learning experience. Let it get to you and it'll effect your game. Glad to hear your team's playing harder though.
I also noticed you said 'ball' instead of puck. Do you primarily play butterfly or stand-up? If you're playing mainly butterfly, I recommend you play more stand-up (unless it's a REALLY heavy ball) because it's not a puck (or even if it's a street hockey puck) it's easier to elivate than a real puck so it's easier to make saves standing up.
I found that one out the hard way
The reason the butterfly was implimented is because coaches (or goalies) realized that shots tend to stay low, on or along the ice.
Not applicable to in-line, street and any other form of roller-hockey.

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