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09-30-2003, 08:21 PM
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3rd line center

some people say roy, some say connolly, some say brown, some say mair
i say brown should be given the 3rd line spot as it stands now and here is why:

- roy should be sent down to rochester after preseason because i just think there aren't more than a very few players every year who can make the amateur-nhl jump. the sabres run a serious risk in stunting his growth by letting him forego a year in rochester. pyatt and connolly have both been slow to develop thanks to nyi making this mistake. there is also enough depth at center with the sabres that they can afford to give roy a little time.

- i don't think i need to say a whole lot about connolly. last year was a disaster and he should have to work his way up from the bottom. even if he is able to turn it around he may be better suited on the top 2 lines with either his or drury's shift to lw.

- the key to this for me is that the sabres need a shutdown center. their top 2 centers are both offense oriented playmakers. roy and connolly are in similar molds. brown has experience in this role, ok he is not shutdown, but he is about as good it gets on the sabres as a 2-way guy. and with a stable front 2 lines, maybe he can slip into a groove, rather than having his role and linemates shifted frequently. more line continuity is something i would like to see this year, i have never liked ruff's constant jumbling.

- mair's style of play i think really suits him for the 4th line. he had some good moments in his own end last year and of course he played hard, but i really think the draw to mair is his energy. i didn't think he used his linemates particularly well. what i think mair does best is bodycheck and beat people to loose pucks. i just don't see him being productive on the 4th line.

so that's my angle on 3rd line center. what is yours?

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