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09-30-2003, 08:22 PM
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Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
What did you notice about the Wild players?
For one, Hendrickson never fell on his ass.

Seriously, the Wild seem to be doing a solid job of following their coaching system, and although pre-season usually doesn't count, I'd bet that Minnesota will make the playoffs again this year, but it will be boring hockey. Suggestion: become a Senators fan

Players who impressed me:

Veilleux: He always seems to be at the top of his game when playing against Montreal, and he sure was in top form again tonight with a lot of good shots. Whenever heard his name mentioned, I thought 'uh-oh' and then gripped the rim of my beer can

Fernandez: Wasn't outstanding, but seemed to never make mistakes (except in the last play of the game, where we almost scored).

Marshall: Sheesh, he could hit. My speakers actually shook from one of the hits he delivered during the game.

Brandner: Should make the NHL. He's big, and he can hit. He can also skate and shoot.

Well, just my thoughts.

My three stars:

1-Jim Dowd
2-Nick Schultz
3-Stephane Veilleux

By the way, does anyone know who actually won the three stars?

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