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09-30-2003, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Hordichuk_24
Have you watched any of Parker in minors?? That alone is enough. And before you say it, yes I know there is a big difference between the minors and the NHL. But Parker totally dominated the minors unlike any fighter in the past decade or so. Worrell isn't as good of a fighter as people say he is. The reason Worrell wins a majority of his fights is because of his size. He actually uses it unlike most big enforcers. He doesn't have much punching power at all. In fact he is known by a lot of fight fans as a "pillow puncher". Parker has one of the hardest punches in the NHL. Worrell is obviously a better overall player than Parker. But I would take Scott on my team anyday over Worrell.
You must mean Juniors, because he only spent a year and a half in the minors....but yes, I have the tapes from a personal friend of Scott's, and have all his fights from juniors to Devils TC, to minors, to Av's up til about the Johnson fight....

I beg to differ on Worrell, as in the tape I have he does pretty good power wise, but again, it's not a point i'd argue strongly with Peter being from the Q and Parker being from the Dub....

Parker has one or 2 fights in his career that stick out , his one punch of Grimson (but Parker lost to Grimson in the rematch in the same game), his one punch that broke the nose of Steve Mclaren when Parker was in Hershey (though many believe punch stat wise, McLaren won that fight) other than that, a TKO of an out of season Oliwa is the only other win that stands out in his favor against the heavys, you can throw in the win vs VandenBussche for good measure....Parker has been beaten or drawn by the majority of the heavys though, including a pair of bad showings vs Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre, in which Parker got cut in both fights, a knocked down by Matt Johnson, a couple bad showing vs Brashear, and a loss in the 2nd fight vs Worrell in which Parker was cut.

Granted, there aren't alot of definitive wins over Worrells career either, but to name a few....Ray got popped pretty good a few times in their fight, he beat McKenzie, Chara, Colin White a couple times, but again, like Parker, nothing impressive, the diffrnce between the 2 is their losses....Worrell has one to Langdon (when Worrells thumb was injured) and couple of decisions to Shelley, Chara, and Grimson.

Both were dominant in juniors and the minors, but neither has come close to claiming the title....lump them in with Laraque and Brashear as heavyweights that just don't get the job done enough to be crowned champ....

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