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06-19-2010, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
But he did have some bad seasons. 1994-95 stands out in particular, and this was before any of his major knee injuries. He was so mediocre that Healy had to play a few games in the playoffs. Lundqvist has yet to have a season as bad as that.

Richter had some amazing teams in front of him. The defense alone is far superior than any of the crap that Lundqvist has had to put up with in his short career. If you put Richter on any of these post-lockouts teams, I'm not sure if he can bail the team out like Lundqvist does on a regular basis.

I'll give Richter the edge on clutchness, but Lundqvist possesses more skill and goaltending ability.
I think you are right for the most part on your assessment. But to say Richter had some amazing teams in front of him is a bit of an overstatement. 94 Team was great, but it was more or less a fly-by-night operation. I would say he had 3 really good teams in front of him in his entire career.

Lundqvist has a pretty bad rookie playoff campaign, Weekes had to step in, even though the consensus was Hank was injured.

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