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06-19-2010, 05:15 PM
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To the poster a few pages back saying Kovalchuk wouldn't come here because if he didn't want to compete for a couple years he would've stayed in Atlanta.

You ignore the two most important things:

1) Stability - there is no risk the Rangers will move, ever. Atlanta is bleeding money; there's no guarantee that team isn't sold, and while they have a crazy arena contract that makes moving very unlikely, there's no guarantee.

Bettman loves expanding south, so how happy will Kovalchuk be in 7 years when Atlanta moves to Cuba or Ecuador?

2) Trying to win, regardless of sucess - the Rangers will at least try to compete. They'll spend to the cap and spare no expense to at least try to win. Atlanta can't; the Rangers simply have a bigger pie to divide among players. If Kovalchuk took his slice in Atlanta, the rest of the team was left splitting crumbs. In NY (or anywhere spending to the cap), there's still some pie left to pay the rest of the team.

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