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06-19-2010, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Arnott made a career on that cup winning goal. He stood in the shadow of Mo in Dallas and the Preds gave him more than a good chance to be a 1st line center. He is not that and his soft play as a big player forced the move. How often is a guy that wears the C moved. Now if it Stevie Y wearing the C and being moved that would be a shocker but Arnott while a decent player, he did not do what was required of him here. This is just one move this team needs to make, Leggy and Erat both need to be moved as well but finding someone to take them will be the hard part. Both are over paid for what is required for them to do to make the Preds a contender to move past the 1st round of the playoffs. We can look at people taken before them in the draft and debate sections of time where they excelled. Bottom line is they have not preformedto there salary level to push this team forward.
Im not saying this move is a shocker by any means here, dont see how you got that from my post. I'm simply saying everyone acts like he was cancer to this team and thats complete BS. yea he may have gotten skated past, checked, purely beaten, but thats hockey.....i cant see how hardly anyone gives him the respect on here for his work he did put in, he was far from garbage....any devils fan praises him, not just for that cup goal but because he is a don.... sorry he aged like a human. dont compare yzerman to arnie. and i dont think you realized this but we were the only team to really test chicago and give them a scare so if we add the right pieces this year im expecting a decent playoff run with leggy and erat on the team doin numbers and you should too if your a preds fan...but hey its aight

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