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06-20-2010, 12:27 AM
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Yup. The cost is pretty extreme compared to any other sports and the fact that you have to learn to skate also may turn off a lot of people.

Skating takes a lot of time to master, unlike running where there is nothing to it. Then you got to learn all the other crap that goes with Hockey after you learn how to skate.

But! I am currently playing in the CBC 3 on 3 thing here in Calgary and I must say it's a lot of funny and it's STREET HOCKEY! Street Hockey should be a stepping stone for kids in the US or Ball Hockey!
They really should start promoting this because it's relatively cheap and a lot of fun and your basically playing the sport except not skating.

All you need for street is Stick, Helmet, Gloves, Shin pads and runner. The goalie would need gear, but something like that can be provided.

Heck there isn't even street hockey leagues for people in Calgary! There is Ball hockey, which is fairly cheap to and it's inside, but that's it really.

Either way! Hockey can grow because you don't need ice to play the sport and love it. Floor and BAll and Street hockey are very fun (Not as fun as Ice) and it could be a great way of kids to watch Ice Hockey and maybe move on to that.

I mean just because you can't play on Ice doesn't mean you can't imagine your OV scoring the game winning goal?

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