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09-30-2003, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Ensane
Well there hasn't been a real champ in the NHL since the Twister. Laraque could probably get it, but he's too uninterested and really doesn't strike fear in the hearts of ... anyone; he's too nice.
Even when Twister was champ, it was by default....the big heavies were on the way out, and there were no young guns coming up....

Parker vs. Worrell? Well, hmm. I'd take Parker over Petey, but it's very close IMO. I believe they've fought twice, the first one I saw, Parker got the win with a nice switchup move.
I'll give Parker the decision, but not a clear win, but in the 2nd fight, Worrell won, and cut Parker as well.

PR33: Forgot the Nazarov fight where Parker dropped him, picked him up again, and "re-dropped" him. Or the Vandy fight where Parker just kept firing rights busting him open?
Didn't forget the Nazarov fight, as I don't consider him as anything more than a big guy that fights....Oliwa has KO'd him as well....and I did mention the Vandy fight....

True, Parker hasn't had much MAJOR success against the other top heavies, but then again, he really never got a chance to show himself. In all the fights agaisnt Worrell, Laraque, or Brashear however, no one really had a major victory. Plus, he hasn't fought any of them for quite a while. In a sense, he WAS misused as an Av as he never had a chance to take part in the great heavyweight rivalry type situations that you saw 5+ years ago with many teams.
I don't necessarily think he was MISUSED, I just think they found out he didn't fit into their system....San Jose is alot slower paced team, and he'll keep up with them more, whereas Colorado was too fast a system, AND he didn't have the ability to compensate for that, but Worrell has proved to be more than just a fighter, as he's learned to skate (a little) and has a pretty decent checking game....

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