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06-20-2010, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hoonking View Post
If you're looking for a heavy, cheap composite there is no reason to move away from wood. I seem to remember you saying that you liked the heavy feel of the old sticks so it doesn't hurt to stick with it. The cheaper composites don't have any benefits over a wooden stick either, except for a steeper price.

However, if you are willing to go a little lighter and about $30 over your price range, IMO the Vapor X40 is a great price point stick. Not a feather but pretty well balanced, a little blade heavy but not by much.

Check out for good deals; if you buy their branded hoodie, you get 10% off your current order and all future orders.
There is a reason to move away from wood, wood doesn't last.

This guy will love a composite as it pertains to lasting much much longer than wood from slapshots and blade damage.

I used wood for 35 years and spend way way less money now on composites since they last so long.

I also recommend not using ultra light expensive sticks and believe them to be junk that breaks more easily than the lesser priced composites.

One still needs a quality composite however as far as having feel. I hate seeing a new composite user using a cheapie composite since he isn't getting a good product to ween himself away from wood with.

The X40 is a decent stick for this guy i agree with you here.

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