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09-30-2003, 09:42 PM
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Parker and Worrell are both good fighters and whether or not Parker is a slightly better fighter makes very little difference.

Enforcers need to do more than simply fight to be effective. They also need to be able to punish people with big body checks. They need to be able to skate well enough so they are actually in the play in order to agitate the opponent. They also need to be able to play the game of hockey well enough so they aren't a liability so they can actually get enough minutes to do their job.

Parker could fight, very well. That was it. He rarely body checked anybody because he either couldn't catch them or because most everyone could easily avoid him. He was a gentleman's fighter who rarely agitated anybody. And he was a huge liability which limited his ice time thus severely limiting his ability to actually enforce anything.

Worrell on the other hand will lay out thunderous hits on opponents and he'll also agitate the hell out of people. He'll draw some penalties or at least take someone with him when he goes to the box. He won't score much but he can at least skate and play hockey well enough to get more than the 1 - 2 minutes a game that Parker got. And yes, he can fight some too.

Parker may in fact be a slightly better fighter but Worrell is clearly a better enforcer.

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