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06-20-2010, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Midnight Oil View Post
Why would you guys want Byfuglien?
1) He would be find on the 3rd line. With his body size and play he would push Tootoo to 4th line duty and Dumont would still stay on a 2nd line.

2) His cap and money hit would be fine with keeping with the modus operandi of the Preds. I say a trade of Buff, with O'Reilly and SUlzer going to the Hawks would work. O'Reilly and Sulzer would fill roster spots cheaply, give the Hawks a nice bit of cap savings of about 1.5 million. Now Hawks fans say that's not enough. Ok, a 1st for 2nd swap. O'Reilly doesn't work for the Preds, he would work for the Hawks. Sulzer doesn't really have a spot on the Preds but he would on the Hawks. Would you rather have the 1st or Buff? I think the Hawks would make this deal. Looking at my roster chart, playing the game of 'One of these things is not like the other'. O'Reilly is the odd man out.

3) Buff would act as Radulov insurance. Sully's contract is ending and you can move Buff to the top lines.

HOW.....Evah. With Arnott moved, if the team does not feel they can make team with Wilson as the #1 center, you can change Buff to Sharp and say O'Reilly and the 1st.

Hawks fans will scream "HEY! That's not enough!" but I counter with this. Chicago is not just in Cap hell, they are building their own personal 8th circle of cap hell with a plastic spoon. They are not in a position of power UNLESS they can get teams to negotiate against each other. Nashville can take a 3 million dollar player without having to give back much in the way of contracts.

As for the doom and gloomers who say this is a move to just get to the cap floor, reasonable. BUT the Preds based on a totally basic team of Milwaukee prospects would JUST make the projected cap floor of 42.8 million, I calculate a money hit of 43.99 million with about a million in rookie bonuses. BUT, let's look at the past of the Predators. The ownership group did not go into this to make money. Let's face it, they have lost money into this operation AND they have put money they have received from rev. sharing and profits into the team. They are getting a bump in rev. sharing and if the algebra is right their self imposed cap will jump up to 47 million.

The doom and gloomers have their facts too; the flood might have greatly effected the ticket base both corporate and single ticket sales, the owners might have lost some money having to make repairs from the flood, they might be projecting a large drop in next year's cap and they might be buffering that.

I can only on the past much like past statistics. The algebra says the self cap is 47, Poile will sign contracts up to 45-46 million leaving a million dollar buffer for a trade deadline move, and the roster screams for one more player.

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