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06-20-2010, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Not trying to be jerk or anything but I have a question.

What about Bouchard's game convinces anyone that he can play center at an even acceptable level in the NHL?

Sure, I'd love to see him work out because quite frankly, this team needs him to with what his contract situation looks like. But I just don't see it. He's extremely poor in the circle. Very unwilling to get deep enough in the defensive zone in work in the dirty spots along the boards while defending. Those are the two things I just never see him being able to overcome.
Well it's still leftover buzz from last off-season. Fletcher/Richards said they were going to try him out to see if that was their answer but they never got a chance to actually see. I'm doubtful myself, but doesn't it makes sense from their POV to at least give it a shot rather than hack apart their current assets just to get a #2 center they might already have? If a good deal comes along you can still maybe swing it but if you have to give up a big part of your very few "future of the wild" assets to get another piece (hopefully) of the future, I'd want to methodically try out and write off what I already have first. That would be my take on their attitude last year. This year...

Bouchards chances at being an effective centerman took a big hit with his entire year off--the previous year he had actually "bulked up" and was being teased by teammates for being a little beefcake. He can't be in very good shape after absolutely no exercise. We can't wait around another year for him to A) regain his hockey sense, and B) get back to a physical state where he could play effectively in the middle of a scrum.

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