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09-30-2003, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Ensane
The thing is though ... in Twister's 2-5 minutes per game, he was put out in situations where he could actually enforce. Parker was almost always put out in the first period only to tail off in the last two (and often times not seeing any time in either of the two).

The Blues made people scared to take a run when Twist was on the bench. The Avalanche never were able to do that even though Parker is arguably one of the strongest players (upper body-wise) ever in the NHL.
I agree about Parkers strength, but even in his 5-8 minuets compared to Twists 2-5, he never overly pursued anyone but Brashear, unless you count Burnett in the AHL....he picked up his game, fight wise a little when Granato took over, but his hand was also injured for most of the season....

Twist got on the ice, unless the other enforcer was out there, everyone knew they were safe for the same reason they do when Parkers out's like having a 2 legged pitbull, sure they're vicious, but not if you can just walk around them....

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