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09-30-2003, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by speeds
(4) Qualifying offer is 75% of the previous contract

- can cut salary of overpaid players via 75% qualifying offer, which IMO is one of the main problems with the current CBA
I love this idea, but I think the players would have a huge problem with this one. I can't see the union agreeing to a CBA which effectively ensures the owners leverage in cutting player salaries every year. They might give on the 10%, but I can't see them letting it be less than 0.

I really love the idea of raising the draft age - I've been talking about that one myself for years - but I don't see how they could do that without making for one unbelievably shallow draft, since they would effectively be using the same draft pool two years in a row. The only other way I see is to cut out a few rounds for a year or two.

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