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Originally Posted by nightfighter View Post
Well the game came and went. We lost 4-3, but the team as a whole battled alot harder all game and didn't give up even when we were done by a couple goals.

I made a couple applause inducing saves, but I have to hang this loss on myself...I let in a squeaker through the five hole when the forward was walking out of the corner and flicked a weak backhander that i should have stopped. I totally overguessed the situation and was cheating towards a pass. End result: the ball deflected off my badly positioned stick and went right between my legs.

I think that's something else I have to work my defense to cover off the backdoor plays. It's just hard to do that when they haven't been trustworthy in that sense for the whole season, but then I end up getting burned on plays like this.

Very frustrating
You're entitled to mistakes as much as anyone else. Sounds like you guys played a great game. I would put this one in the "competed hard" column, and not look at it as a loss, although it was...but that's certainly better than playing a flat game as overdogs and getting "2 points, undeserved, but we'll take it" for the stage your team is at.

Playing as underdogs is an acid test when the game starts to slip away. Simply put. if you can continue to compete you are a real competitor. Not all of the winners on a stacked team can claim that, not even some of their best players.

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