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06-20-2010, 10:06 PM
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Overall PPV thoughts - post 'em!

- Drew vs. Kofi was awesome. It told a good story and both guys topped their match at Over The Limit. I went into this PPV expecting nothing and the first match blew me away. The crowd was into the match and it set the tone for a great show.

- Jericho/Bourne & Usos/Harts were both really good matches as well. The card itself wasn't overwhelming and the PPV didn't have any build to it, but we ended up getting some great enjoyable matches.

- Miz was great on the mic but Truth blew ass in the ring today. The Divas match also was sub-par at best. The Miz is a great worker but can't carry a match all by himself.

- Fatal Fourways are always tough because there is too much going on. Fortunately, the Raw ffw was great because of the crowd and the NXT storyline. I'm really happy Sheamus walked out the champ and I'm happy that the match was all over the place and fun to enjoy. Realistically speaking, it didn't have great flow and there wasn't any great wrestling either.

Overall it was a good B+ PPV. I am just a little pissed off it ended 25 minutes early. Don't make me pay 45 dollars for a 2.5 hour PPV when it is slotted for 3 hours.

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