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06-20-2010, 11:53 PM
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Looking at buying some new hockey pants. I tried on NBH Vapor xxxx at my LHS but they didn't have the correct size. I got a pretty good idea of the fit though for being off by a size. I also tried on a pair of CCM V10 that I liked. Both last year models and they no longer have my size in the V10.

They recently got a new shipment from Bauer with the x-60 and a shipment from Easton but they didn't order any of their top tier pants. Still waiting on shipments from CCM and a few other brands. I'll likley end up buying online since the selection isn't huge but I'll probably wait at least until they get the rest of their shipments.

My main concerns are fit, style, and weight. I'm sure most high-end pants weight isn't an issue along with protection. I play in a non contact league so I'm not overly worried about the most protective pants and won't be getting in front of too many shots. ; )

One95, Bauer XXXX, CCM V10 are probably the three I'm looking at the most right now..

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