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Originally Posted by fanofhockey98 View Post
As legendary Herb Brooks stated..
"We need to increase the number of rinks in America."
"We need ice sheets, locker rooms and ice resurfacers. We don't always need, however weight rooms, restaurants, beautiful lobbies and architectural niceties."
"Perhaps instead of building such elaborate indoor facilities, we should go back to constructing more outdoor rinks with artificial ice. This is what baseball, soccer and basketball have over hockey-kids can hone their games virtually everwhere."
-quote taking from "America's Coach" by Ross Bernstein

I agree, hockey equipment costs are expensive, especially the goalie, I just paid $50 for a Rebook goalie stick from Sports Authority( I know not the best place to get it, but I live in Kansas) and it lasted me only 3 games...
Sometimes you just need skates, a helmet, a stick and the puck and you can go.
But to be safe you gotta pay some money.
I try to get bargains from when I search, for me that sucks cause I can't try to the equipment and see how well it fits.
Sometimes I wish, the "rich" hockey players in the NHL could to something to help spread the gift of hockey around. I mean you always read about group/team discounts and bulk buys of stuff. If I find gear, I always try to donate to an incoming player or someone who's been down on their luck. Hockey is great, and everyone should have a chance to play the greatest game on ice.
herb brooks was the best thing to ever happen to USA hockey.

and if you come to almost every rink here in winnipeg you will see...a rink. no restaraunt, bar, fancy pro shop etc. the rinks in the US need to be publicly owned, spartan just for skating, no other (expensive) BS.

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