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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post

Yes, Jeff Reese seemed to help Leighton, a career journeyman who needed to save his career; but that doesn't mean the guy can make every goalie he ever coaches a better goalie. Some goalies have specific flaws that are easily correctable. Some goalies are more coachable than others.

One instance does not a trend make.
Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post

Jeff Reese's job with Leighton was really, really easy. The problems that Esche and Niitty had with good rebound control are not as easily corrected as telling Leighton to stop coming out too far and sliding himself into no man's land.

And certain goaltenders and styles work well with certain coaches, it's not like a given coach can take any goalie and fix their game. Some goalies play differently and have different nuances that Reese may/not be as familiar with, which affects his ability to understand and improve their game as well.

Reese > Lemelin, but he's not god.

Also, nice avy.
The other problem is that the "fix" for Leighton is a massive Catch-22. Leighton's problem before was that he would go out to challenge and lacked the athleticism/quickness to get back into position after he left a rebound. So, what do you do... move him back in the net a bit. Problem then is that shooters have a bit better angle, and it doesn't actually solve the rebound problem.

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