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06-21-2010, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
No it wasn't. Nitty was a technical mess and all over the place when he first got here, and improved a bit towards the end. Esche's rebound control was always bad, he was just playing on a very good team at first, and it was the good ole days when the defense could mug people around the net and nullify the rebound problem. Esche was also hurt by them taking away some of his padding, because he basically just relied on the puck hitting him.

In other news, I love the "Jeff Reese is the messiah" meme around here. I have yet to see an explanation for why the goaltending was *ing awful in Tampa Bay under his tutelage after Khabi left.
Because his goalies were ****ing awful. You can only polish a turd so much, and even then, it's just a shiny turd. His results last year have me feeling pretty confident that he's not hurting anything. Messiah status can't be granted until he successfully teaches Boucher how execute a butterfly slide and a leg extension from the butterfly (as opposed to falling over like the friggin leaning tower of Piza and trying to cover the entire net with your glove).

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