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06-21-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
It was "mutual thing" [after Poile/Trotz questioned his leadership to the media, and told him they wanted going in a younger direction]. There's no doubt in my mind that he was forced out. Which again, may have been the right move.

Arnott didn't want to leave Nashville (as evidnce by his wanting an extension), but he was convinced to. I don't think Dumont will be as easily convinced. Also, he will be harder to move...

I think it was the right move to move Arnott, but only if we have some better plan than Wilson/Legwand as centers. An unproven guy who's never really played center in the NHL, and a guy who's scored over 20 goals once in 10 year (9 years on a scoringline).

I'm not sure how to look up this stat up, but assume we had one of the lowest forwards goals per game average in the NHL. We were 18th in overall goals per game, but had to have one of the highest goal totals from defensemen.
Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
That wasn't the only thing that was said. Arnott also said the feeling was "mutual" (meaning the Preds wanted to trade him), and the team wanted to go in the younger direction. Trotz/Poile also told the world they thought Arnott being captain was a little out of his comfort zone, etc, etc. To me, that's plenty evidence that they wanted him to wavie his NTC, not Arnott coming to them requesting a trade.

Again, it may have been the right move. However, I thought it was poor taste to question his leadership to the media. Similar in Dumont's case, to tell the media that he wasn't going to get very much icetime... why can't this be done behind close doors?
Arnott was less interested in staying in Nashville than getting a contract extension as is evidenced by him ultimately agreeing to get traded and informing us that an extension was part of the reason for moving on. Don't confuse wanting more money/years for wanting to stay with a particular team . It's all about his personal situation of being an aging vet, a step slow, diminishing skills, eggshell noggin and all that----and I don't blame him for trying because we all see he's close to the end.

Your second point I strongly disagree with because it was about time that the organization call him out (as well as some of the other longer term guys) instead of the regular way they do business around Nashville (i.e., call out the rookie for one mistake, bench him or cut his quality ice time, while the vet makes three mistakes and doesn't get a whisper mentioned publicly.)

Whatever the combination of factors that made this happen, I guess really doesn't matter too much in the end. The only important thing is who replaces Arnott's spot and what the Preds do with the money.

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