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03-22-2005, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
First of all, you'll bet much futher in these discussion if you do not refer to other posters comments as "stupid." That is pretty childish.
I call a spade a spade.

Second, I seriously doubt you could get Hunter straight up for Bergeron right now. Yeah, Hunter developed a low slower than Begeron. But, again, development is not always linear. The fact that Begeron matured a lot earlier does not indicate that he is going to be the better player overall. Hunter basically got the Isles into the playoffs last year and was far more critical to his team's success than Begeron.
You have got to be kidding me. Milbury's a moron, but I don't think even he would turn this one down. I'm not down on Hunter, he's a fine player, but Bergeron is as good now, and is 19 years old. Certainly given the similar level of the players at this point in their career, the defining issue is potential. At 25, Hunter's at or close to his ceiling. Bergeron has just begun.

It is funny how you guys crow about Begeron's very impressive WJC, but then state that players like Malkin should not be evaluated higher because all their accomplishments are outside the NHL. Last time I checked, the WJC is not an NHL event.
You shouldn't generalize. That's pretty childish.
Find me once where I wrote that Malkin's accomplishments should be disounted. Malkin's a fine player, and is likely to be a star. I think Bergeron's close, or as good, considering their relative accomplishments playing in the same tournament.

Its also pretty hypocritical that several of you argue that Begeron should be evaluated more highly that prospects like Malkin because he is "proven." But, then you also discount young players who have accomplished more in the NHL at this point because they have less "potential."
Who, at 19 years old, has accomplished as much in the NHL as Bergeron?

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