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03-22-2005, 02:58 PM
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The question, however, is whether he is worth an elite prospect like Malkin - and I think the answer is probably no.
Why not?

After Bergeron's rookie season, doesn't he qualify as an "elite" prospect now? Isn't this a case of downgrading a player's trade value simply because he's reached the NHL and showed he can play a little?

Seriously, how many 18-year olds step right into the NHL and drop 40 points as a rookie? Doesn't that count for something?

Mentioning Bergeron in the same breath as guys like Ryan Malone and Trent Hunter really sells Bergeron short. Bergeron is arguably as good as either of those two, only he's four to six years younger.

Rolston has had multiple seasons in the NHL with over 30 assists. Hard to argue that he "can't pass."
He can't pass. I'd bet a good portion of his assists came on tip-ins, rebounds, or secondary power play assists.

It is funny how you guys crow about Begeron's very impressive WJC, but then state that players like Malkin should not be evaluated higher because all their accomplishments are outside the NHL. Last time I checked, the WJC is not an NHL event.
If Malkin had accomplishments outside the NHL vastly superior to Bergeron, then you'd have a case. But the last time I checked, Bergeron had outplayed Malkin head-to-head in the WJC, AND is already NHL-proven.

Its also pretty hypocritical that several of you argue that Begeron should be evaluated more highly that prospects like Malkin because he is "proven." But, then you also discount young players who have accomplished more in the NHL at this point because they have less "potential."
...because they're older. In general, 18-year old players have more "potential" than 24 and 25-year old players. Thus, people tend to believe that guys like Malone and Hunter have less upside than the much younger Bergeron.

I do think Hunter's age is relevant too, as is Begeron's age. But, now you are basically arguing that potential matters on the trade market, at the same time as you are discounting the potential of youngsters like Malkin.
Potential does matter. But to this point, I've seen very little to indicate that Malkin has a vastly superior upside than Bergeron does.

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