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Matchlist for Upcoming Chris Jericho DVD Set

Disc One

Vs. Rob Van Dam.

with 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Shane Douglas & 911

Vs. Pittbull 2 for the TV Title.

WCW debut vs. Alex Wright.

Vs. Syxx for the Cruiserweight Title.

Vs. Eddie Guerrero.

Vs. Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Title.

Turning on the fans.

Vs. Dean Maleko for the Cruiserweight Title.

Vs. Juventud Guerrera for the Cruiserweight Title.

Vs. Jeff Jarrett.


Getting into the industry.

Working in Japan and Mexico.

Going to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Going to World Championship Wrestling.

Disc Two

With Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio & Super Calo.

Vs. Stevie Ray for the TV Title.

Vs. Raven for the TV Title.

WWE Debut on Monday Night Raw.

Vs. Road Dogg.

Vs. Ken Shamrock in a First Blood Match.

Vs. Chyna for the IC Title.

Vs. X-Pac inside a steel cage.

Vs. Big Show for the Hardcore Title.

Vs. The Rock for the WCW Title.

Vs. Kurt Angle for the WCW Title.

Beating The Rock and Austin in the same night.

Vs. Steve Austin to crown the 1st Undisputed Champion.


Leaving WCW.

WWE Debut.

The Invasion.

Stephanie McMahon is a Bottom Feeding Trash Bag ****.

Disc Three

With Christian in a TLC Match for the World Tag Team Titles.

Vs. Cena loser leaves WWE.

WWE Return.

Vs. JBL.

Money in the Bank Match.

Vs. Kofi Kingston for the IC Title.

Sixth World Title win.

vs. HBK in a Ladder Match.

Vs. Rey Mysterio in an Extreme Rules match.

Vs. CM Punk.

Vs. John Morrison.

Vs. Edge for the World Title.


Taking time off and the return.

Going in a new direction.

Best of The Highlight Reel.

Feuding with HBK.

What does the future hold ?


According to pwinsider the WWE has started working on 3 new DVD releases:

- a Best of Bobby " The Brain " Heenan set ( scheduled for release on December 18th )
- The 100 Craziest Moments in WWE History ( scheduled for release on December 24th )
- Best of Smackdown set ( no release date yet )

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