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10-01-2003, 02:41 AM
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Rather impressive....

Originally Posted by wickedbsfan
Great post, Mass Enforcer. It was a good exciting game, and the B's didn't mail it in for the most part. They played with a lot of edge: but the lack of offense is still troublesome. They had little trouble breaking through center ice vs. NJ without Stevens...but there were too many perimeter shots out of the paltry total. Good thing Brian "Bring Me my Sextant and Compass and I shall conceive of a Path towards Said Goalmouth, perhaps" Rolston wasn't in the lineup.

Murray-Thornton-Knuble: Muzz was great (the guy is officially MONEY in the BANK in my book...and he wore the A!), Knuble worked his butt off and got little help from linemates, Thornton played way too cute - it was exciting at times to see him "school" the NJ d, but he did it without any purpose! This is getting stale. He has got to learn to drive to the net with the puck, and shoot the darn thing from the slot.

Samsonov(Knuble)-Bergeron-Huml: Interesting combo, they had NJ running in circles and were pretty good defensively, thanks to Bergeron. Huml made his usual glaring mistakes, but overall he made the most plays happen defensively and offensively. Bergeron was AWESOME. He does everything but check hard, but he uses the body effectively, and that's even better! I have 100% faith in this guy. He's no kid in my book. Sammy was very very good...and he played the PP point rather well too.

Samuelsson-Donato-McCarthy: Samuelsson is a psychopathic little punk on the ice. He plastered the larger Colin White three times in the final shift. White left the game at the end with a leg injury! He's like Grosek with speed and a touch. Donato is slow, but better than McInnis by miles and was the best center on faceoffs! He was also okay on the PK. McCarthy did alot of little things well with great heart and effort, and brought a lot of toughness out there while still being responsible. I liked him. This could be our fourth line.

Zinovjev-Nowak-Grosek: I loved Zino. Great speed, great moves, great hands, and great vision for the play. However, he doesn't have great vision for his own placement. He got plastered and nearly decapitated a few times, and went into cherry picking mode often. Still, he was much much more than a Pavel Brendl type. He's got great game, and a 2 way game without a doubt!...but he should go to Providence to adjust to the smaller ice. The moment he shows greater comfort with the short sheet he should be called up permanently. I was bummed to see Nowak in the line up, but to be honest he showed much more than I've ever seen from Andy Hilbert in an NHL-esque game.

Moran-McGillis: McGillis looked a bit tentative (back still bad?), but he still brought the body and made good solid plays. Moran was actually very strong, and rushed the puck well too!

Jillson-Kutlak: Jillson was good in all facets of his game. Not excellent, but being good at everything should merit a roster spot with the B's.
I've always liked Kutlak, and he's shown a lot of growth. These are the two guys that should make the show.

Morrissonn-Jurcina: um, Morrisssonn wasn't good. However, a good year in Providence won't hurt him at all. I still believe he could be a good #4. He did pass well. Jurcina was good, but man he's as soft as Gill and he's awful on the point, like Gill. I mean, if you had put "Popovic" on the back of his jersey I would have thought "Cool, that's nice that he's got things back together and decided to give MOC a call."

Oh, and Potvin was terrific. He didn't go down too early. He made good saves, and made the great ones when needed. He covered his rebounds, and had great lateral movement. I was confident that he was going to get a shutout, which is odd considering how bad he's been lately; but I never doubted it. I can't remember feeling that way about a B's goalie in recent memory. However, NJ's shooting was pretty inacurate, Freisen and Langenfluffer weren't in the line up, and NJ's offense has been as lame as ours this preseason. I still kept thinking that this same team could get lit up by OTT, COL, STL...or even DET

Overall I'd go with this:
Murray Thornton Knuble
Samsonov Bergeron Huml/Lapointe
Zamuner Rolston Axelsson
Grosek Stock McCarthy

McGillis Boynton
OD Jillson
Gill Moran

I came away from the game rather impressed with the team. In the back of my mind I thought, here we go they are going to get lit up. But was quite pleased that they didn't.

Potvin - did make some great saves. He had alot of traffic in front of him. I was impressed because if the defense didn't get them out of there he did. He looked like he was chopping wood a few love front row seats)

McCarthy - does an incredible job checking. He had one hit, it sounded like a freight train coming at you.

Moran - looked quicker for some reason. He was in the right place at the right time and started playing the body more. And really took control of bringing up the puck.

Kutlak - played well, and really has progessed a great deal from last year. (He made fewer mistakes, and played the body much better)

Samsonov - his puck handling skills are so impressive! At one point in the second period he just weaved in and out of players in the offfensive zone for a good 30 - 40 seconds. It reminded me of coaching youth hockey when all the kids chase the coach and no one can get the puck.

OVerall the work ethic was there, they moved the puck out of the zone but at times it seemed as if the play never left our zone. And as others reported they need more offense. (They started to pick it up in the 3rd)

The only knock on Potvin tonight was his rebounds. He tended to let them out about 2 feet in front of the net. Luckily the defense cleared it out, but this may be a huge problem in the regular season.

Go Bruins!!!

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