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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
And, yeah, Hunter was 22 or so when he broke in, but the fact that a player develops earlier doesn't always mean his top end is higher.
Not always, but usually.

Patrice Bergeron was a bigger impact player in the NHL at age 18 than Joe Thornton was. That doesn't mean he'll be Joe Thornton or better than Joe but I think it does tend to indicate he's pretty special. Come up with a list of all the players who have done what he's done at the age he's done it at and I think we'd be looking at a list of all stars, hall of famers and special players. He's outperformed almost every blue chip prospect in the past 5 years given his age. Only Kovalchuk and Nash (off the top of my head) have had comparable rookie seasons lately at that age.

There's no reason to think he's plateaued. No reason to think he's finished developing. Most players improve between the ages of 19 and 25. He's already as good as many of players you've mentioned in this thread (Hunter, Ryder, etc) and MUCH younger. Given similar accoplishments I'll almost always take the guy who did it a much younger age.

I think you underrate Bergeron's value somewhat in this thread.

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