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10-01-2003, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Wild Thing

In the first place, the story is still solid - someone in the Bush White House ratted out a CIA agent because the agent's husband had publicly exposed the President for lying about his reasons for invading Iraq. In the second place, how much backtracking has the pro-war crowd done here in the last couple of months, now that almost every argument they made in support of the war has been proven to be false? I'm still waiting for just one of the conservative hawks here to grow a pair and say, "OK, we were wrong". I expect to be waiting quite a while.

I agree that there's a hell of a lot of backtracking that needs to be done on this issue, but it doesn't need to come from the opponents ofthe war. It's not our side of the debate that needs to admit we were taken for fools. We are being prove right on just about everything we have been saying.
I can't answer for Republicans or Pro-Bushies or Pro-War (play along and admit titles people) people, but I personally did condone action against Iraq for the base reason that it's a goldmine occupied by a gangster who's sparred with us before, and what better reason to call in all debts than after being attacked by terrorists - as unrelated to that gangster as it was.

All of the conjecture and semantics *WMD's* *Terrorism* *Tewwible Tewwible Saddam* are comparable to every nation on earth including ourselves, so it's hypocritical to go after them for those reasons. I see absolutely nothing wrong with kicking ass, taking their land and bringing it up to 1st world standards in the process like we did with Japan and Germany.

I sided with Bush in the elections because he wasn't Gore and he had Powell in his corner - my hero. So he was the lesser of two evils (be mindful - hindsight is always 20/20). Then we of course all realized he was a ********* out to act rough and tumble with our neighbours. After 9/11 I wanted Holy War, and I thought that's what we were going to get, I wanted Pax Americana and I wanted to join the military to get it but was turned away by the marines because I was born with crappy knees (good for hockey stance but bad for running).

So I cheered on my counterymen in Afghanistan and I was satisfied with that action and expected more, but not only did we come away with a bittersweet taste from that "victory", but we didn't catch Bin Laden, we didn't destroy Al Qaeda, and we didn't go to the matresses with everybody who deserved it.

With Iraq, I liked what I heard, and I thought Bush was in my corner on this one. Take out Saddam, and begin annexation, nation building. Then go after the next doofus who blew their tongue at us.

But Bush wasn't in my corner. He was in Haliburton's corner. Trusting Bush with something so seminal as crossing into Empire was the wrong thing to do.

Now we've got to clean up his poopstains all over the ballroom floor and get ready for the tango we're to dance with Islam.

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