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10-01-2003, 02:02 AM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by Reveille
Agreed. I think I might defend one of my favorite guys a bit, but it is a bit... well... ridiculous at times to see someone say he shouldn't receive jail time for something like that. I personally hope they throw the book at him.
I definately dont think that he should go to jail for this. I'm 18 and honestly I've been in many of my friends' cars when they are going 70+ in suburban areas and 110+ a few times on the garden state parkway. I personally wont drive that fast because it freaks me out in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but I think many of us have been put in Dan Snyder's position being a passenger. Kids do stuff that may be stupid and dangerous but seems fun at the time. You cant expect kids to think of all the consequences of an action before he goes through with something. I have done sooo many dumb and dangerous things in my life that I'm amazed I'm alive. Sometimes doing dangerous stuff is part of growing up. Hell, tommorrow night I'll go to a party and drink way too much, and probably blackout. Yea thats stupid but does it make me a bad person? Would it be a social justice for me to go into a coma? I dont think so. I don't think one young man's spur of the moment descision to get some thrills from his sport's car should land him in jail. He didnt intend to injure anyone, and he didnt injure any truely innocent bystanders. The only victims here are Danny himself, and Snyder who I'm sure was enjoying the ride and deserves responsibility as well. It also upsets me for people to portray Heatly as some type of villian or bad guy who just ruined an innocent man's life because of his sole descision. What happened was tragic, yet unless it is proven that Snyder was pleading with Danny to slow down, Snyder has to accept some responsibility as well. I really don't think Snyder was begging to slow down, I'm sure he was enjoying the ride just like I have done in that type of situation. I would accept responsibility if a driver injured me as well. What Danny Heatley did was stupid and reckless, however I don't feel that this is a fault against his character and I feel that learning the hard way, which he did, is enough punishment for him. By sending Heatley to prison all that would be accomplished would be the successfull destruction of another young man's promising live. It would benifit no one and only derail one more individual who can contribute positively to society.

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