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Originally Posted by The Mighty Boosh View Post
I don't think he's as money hungry as people want to believe. If that was the case, he'd either have signed the $10M+/yr deal with Atlanta or he'd already be in Russia.

I do think he wants what comparable players are earning, though. Fair value, if you will.
Which is why I put his salary at (7.5). What I'm saying is that he leaves the door opened to way more money down the line if he signs a 5-7 year deal. At that time, we will still be in the prime of his career, and he could then sign that stability contract for 10-12 years.

Say he signs a 6 year deal for 7.5 per, which would put him at 33 years old and 45 million in the bank. Then say he signs a Hossa type contract. 12 years, 62 million, where he plays until the real money runs out 7 years, 7.9 million (could be way more depending on what the cap does), which would be 55 million and 100 million total over 13 years.

Or he can sign a 12 year deal now, which would take him to about the same age and pay him much less than he would otherwise get.

Like I said, it depends what he values right now. Does he want a semi-long term deal where he can lay some roots down for half decade, then to have a really good shot at another huge pay day, or does he really want to settle down somewhere for the long haul? We'll find out.

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