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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Which just about any coach would do in that situation... (reference: Leighton, Michael... this year).

And his game fell off for us prior to the Olympics, so that's not really a good excuse.

That's nice and all... but he wasn't that good of a NHL goalie when he first came up, and had notable holes in his game. Some of which improved while he was here and that led to better performances.

Sorry man, this statement only makes logical sense if you want to ignore that Nitty had simply proven himself to not be good enough to be a starter... which he had.
It makes a lot of sense because they were giving Niitty an opportunity to be a starter for a full season, and decided that it wasn't happening. If he had shown that he could, then he would have been left as the starter, which thankfully he wasn't, however it was their intention for Niitty to be the goalie of the future and decided in somewhat short order that he wasn't. When he came up, it wasn't to be a starter. Clarke claimed that during the lockout had there been a season that Niitty would have been the backup for the whole season, they had been setting it up to let him grow into the role, in which case, you're kind of counting on your goalie coach to work extensively and come up with a polished product, which didn't happen. Now, a lot is because Niitty got hurt (and was a freak of nature in recovering from it), and the fact that he wasn't good enough apart from lacking focus from time to time. However, how long do you want to go though the same song and dance, only one guy has the common denominator for at least as long as I've been watching the Flyers.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Ah... if you're focusing on later in the season, then Biron's 2nd season was the better of the two (ignoring playoffs, and Biron played well against the Pens). Biron absolutely carried the Flyers in the spring last year when the team was playing like complete ass in front of him. If Biron hadn't stepped up his game, we would have missed the playoffs. He was very strong for the entire second half of the season.
Yeah, well, tell that to the people who couldn't wait to get his ass on the next bus out of town as soon as the '09 playoffs ended. Biron isn't still here because he can't be a good NHL goalie, he's gone because he thought he was a great one and was the only one who thought so. I didn't mind if he came back, but Holmgren was dumping Lemelin regardless.

What I'd honestly like to hear from Holmgren is what Jeff Reese does that is different from Lemelin other than Reese is full-time and Lemelin was not.

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