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10-01-2003, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Voodoo Daddy
i don't think its quite so clear cut.
unless snyder was begging heatley to slow down there's no telling wether he's such an innocent victim in this situation. maybe he was asking heatley to show him how the ferrari could fly. i'm not giong to sit here and say this is snyders fault in any way, but nobody knows what happened at this point. lord knows in my younger days, if a buddy had a ferrari i'd ask him to take it out with me and race anything in sight.
And if I was the passenger egging my buddy on, I'd expect him to have enough decency and honor to not say anything about it and take the heat if he got off unscathed while I was walking towards the light. (lets hope it doesn't come to that for snyder though, and not saying that's what happened, just bs'in here).

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