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06-21-2010, 07:20 PM
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Berger.... "Absolutely not" to Kovalchuk

"SHOULD BURKE SUCCUMB TO TEMPTATION AND GO AFTER ILYA KOVALCHUK IN FREE AGENCY? Absolutely notů and this is why: The Russian-born sniper was a good player on a bad team, and a bad player on a good team. Only good teams win the Stanley Cup. Whichever club bows to his demands for salary and tenure is likely to regret the decision."

I am not totally convinced that the best thing to do for Toronto is to acquire Kovalchuk, unless other moves were to help the cap structure of the team.....However...

Is it Ilya's fault Lou gave up to much roster depth (Oduya, Bergfors) without replacing them with a comparable type player at the deadline?

Is it Ilya's fault he averaged a point per game while in New Jersey? Playoffs and regular season. (apparently he was bad in New Jersey) seems like he did his job.

Is it Ilyas fault that Atlanta did not surround him with enough talent ? (Antropov is not talent)

when the Jason Blakes, Shawn Horcoffs, etc get 4 + million why is every one so gun shy on a 27 year old PURE & proven sniper?

Kovalchuk's dont grow on trees....


Finger's, Mayers, Kilger's, Blake's, Ponikarovsky's, Jeff O'neils, Mark Bell's, Jonas Hoglunds......etc do

Toronto needs to stop overpaying for grinder/depth players. (see Tucker, Blake etc and start bringing in all world talent...

Maybe Ilya is not the way to go but since we refuse to draft them why not sign them!

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