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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
So, due to the poor UFA class (now compounded by reports that the Sharks want to re-sign Marleau, the Habs want to re-sign Plekanec and the Flyers obviously want to re-sign the newly acquired Hamhuis), many analysts are speculating that this should be one of the busiest offseasons for trades in recent memory. With that said (and with not much to do until Friday), I thought I'd start a thread to see what everyone thinks are the top 5 assets (players, prospects, picks, studio hosts, whatever) that the Rangers might move in the coming weeks. Here are mine, in order of likelihood, plus rationale for each:

1) Gilroy. For a whole host of reasons. He didn't do well last year, we have a glut of defensive prospects, his contract is up at the end of this year, he's only one year away from a bidding war where half the league was after him. I will be truly surprised if he is a Ranger next year.
2) The #10 pick. With everyone talking trade and with so many interesting players out there, there are any number of scenarios where the Rangers would trade up or down.
3) Sanguinetti. This is kind of an either/or with Gilroy as I don't see both of them moving, but a) they're somewhat redundant players and b) it's time for Sangs to step up to the NHL - so if Gilroy doesn't go, then I'm almost positive that Sangs will. Personally, I'd much rather keep Sangs, but it comes down to the front office's evaluation of its own players and of course what the trade market is for each.
4) Dubinsky. Everybody seems to want him. He's our best trading asset. In the event that we make a move for a significant player, particularly a forward, there's a good chance he's in the deal.
5) Rozsival. I actually think that the team wants to keep him - his play is back to top form and I believe he's now earning his contract. However, he does earn a lot of money and the $10MM in cap dollars vs. $7MM in real dollars over the next two years could be very tempting to a team looking to save costs.

What're everyone else's thoughts?

(Note: I firmly believe that Brashear will get moved, but my guess is that it will be a problem for problem swap and that he will in no way, shape or form become an asset to the team, so I didn't include him on my list.)
I don't agree about the order. But I do agree about the list. Maybe throw Cally in there?

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